Frankenstein Project

This year is just going so fast that we cannot believe we are starting to think about Halloween and Christmas... Lets start with Halloween and what better way than with this Frankenstein Project!

Materials needed:

•Black paper •Green paper •Double sided tape/ Glue •Scissors •Ruler

Firstly you need to start cutting out your shapes to make your Frankenstein... Click here for a template.

Start by cutting all these parts out...1 large rectangle in green card (for the face), 1 smaller rectangle with spikes cut out in black card (hair), 2 large circles in white card (eyes), 2 smaller circles in black card (pupils), 1 long strip in black card (mouth), 7 smaller strips in black card (cuts), 1 medium strip in black card (cut), 2 bolts in black card.

To Make:

Once everything is cut out all you have to do is stick it all together. To make it easier for ourselves we put double sided tape on all the pieces and then stuck them on, starting from the hair, bolts, mouth, eyes and then the little scar on his head.


We'd love to see all your creations, please send them in to...


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