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Birthday Parties @ Craft Magic

We have 8 party options for you to choose from! 

Option 1:

Make a Mosaic 

Over 40 designs to choose from 

£17.95 per head 

Option 5:

Cats & Dogs

Decorate a Cat and a Kitten or a Dog and a Puppy.

£13.95 per head 

Option 2:

Personalised Names 

Decopatch your own name, then add sparkle!! 

£17.95 per head 

Option 6:

Unicorns & Dinosaurs

Decorate your shape using decopatch, paint and sparkles!

£13.95 per head 

Option 3:

Hearts & Buttons 

Decorate a large & small heart with buttons. 

£13.95 per head 

Option 7:

Make a Garland 

Decorate Stars and/or Hearts to create your own garland. 

£13.95 per head 

Option 4:

Princess & Pirates 

Decorate a Crown or Skull &Crossbones.

£13.95 per head 

Option 8:

Elephant, Giraffes & Cats

Decopatch a papier mache animal.

£13.95 per head 

All parties have a minimum of 8 children and a max of 20 and all parties last for 1 hour and 30 minutes and include a party bag.


Call 01797 226920 to book NOW!!

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