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Contents: Macramé cord, wooden hanger.

With this kit, you can make your very own macramé flower hanger. Contains all the materials and instructions you need.

If you want to learn how to make a flower hanger using only three macramé knots, this kit is perfect for you. It contains everything you need to get you started. Knot the 12 macramé strings around a wooden stick – start with a double string and a Lark’s Head Knot. Make the hanger itself with a Square Knot, and gather it all together with a Gathering Knot. The result is the cutest flower hanger that you can use anywhere in your home. Find the instructions on the back of the box – or scan the QR code and follow it online.

Your homemade haging decoration has plenty of creative possibilities:.

  • Fill your living room’s best nook with hanging pot plants
  • Collect your favourite flowers in the sunny conservatory
  • Use the flower hanger for herbs and cultivate your own small kitchen garden in the window

Macrame flower hanger 2

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