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Contents: Macramé cord, key ring.

With this kit you can make a key ring out of macramé. Contains all the materials and instructions you need.

If you want to link your own keychain to macramé, this kit is the right one for you. It contains everything you need to get you started. You double-up four strings with a Lark’s Head Knot in the wide ring of the carabiner. The pattern itself is made using a Double Half Hitch diagonal knot, and finished off with a macramé Gathering Knot. The result is the prettiest key ring. Find the instructions on the back of the box – or scan the QR code and follow it online.

Gather your keys together on a finished key ring, to make them both easier to find and more attractive to look at. You can also hang the key ring on your bag or wallet for a more personal and decorative look..

including instructions

Macrame mini set

£12.99 Regular Price
£10.40Sale Price

20 years

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